About The Owner

Legally Sweet Treats & Confections started from the humble beginnings of Rachel's desire, as a young girl, to make and decorate a homemade cake for her own birthday every year. She continued with this tradition, as an adult, by creating custom cakes for her son's birthday every year.

After separating from the Air Force, after almost 10 years of honorable service, Rachel began not only making homemade custom cakes and treats for birthdays, but also for all of her family gatherings. After a random Facebook post of one of her dessert creations, inquiries started to roll in from friends requesting Rachel to bake custom desserts for them.

Rachel comes from a long line of artistic family members and was heavily involved in art during grade school. As a self-taught baker she is now able to combine her loving for baking and art into her custom bakery. By making sweets and treats for all your special occasions, she is able to bring the same joy to your family as she has brought to hers for many years.