Custom Cookies Pricing

*Note that the icing colors black and white are included in all cookie packages at no additional charge. 

"Basic" LSTC Cookie Package

$40/dozen (minimum order of 2 dozen)

1-3 basic shapes, 1-2 colors, icing images, airbrushing and simple details

"Elite" LSTC Cookie Package


1-5 shapes, 2-5 colors, airbrushing, basic lettering/phrases, basic florals, gold and silver details

"Deluxe" LSTC Cookie Package


1-7 shapes, 2-7 colors, airbrushing, gold and silver details, custom lettering/phrases, detailed florals, detailed icing layering, hand painted/drawn details, custom design requests

"A La Carte" Cookie Pricing

Custom decorated cookies start at $40/dozen. As noted in the "Basic" LSTC Cookie Package above, some of the "a la carte" items listed below are already included in the "Basic" Package (i.e. colors and shapes). However, if none of the above packages suit your specific needs, you may add on cookie details via the "a la carte" pricing below. 

Gold/Silver details $7/dozen

Additional colors $3/dozen each color

Simple florals $3/dozen

Basic lettering $3/dozen each phrase

Detailed florals $6/dozen

Custom lettering $6/dozen each phrase

Layered icing details $6/dozen

Additional shapes $2/dozen

 **Prices subject to change without notice.

Please contact us for a specific cookie quote.